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Mapping Challenges will be released periodically and are a way to focus volunteers on areas that need editing. The challenge is to edit the red points if you are Standard Editor and to Peer Review the green points within the challenge area released. Make sure to look for missing points too! Advanced Editors can edit any of the points within the challenge area. 

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9/17/18 -------------------------------------------------------------

New Mapping Challenge - Texas Law Enforcement

Since our volunteers are AWESOME and did great work on Georgia Post Offices, we have another map challenge for you with some similar (I have to say it!) challenges!  This time we’re focusing on Texas Law Enforcement locations.

While reviewing Texas courthouses, we noticed many law enforcement points that are unedited, as well as a large number of points that need Peer Reviewed. Many of the edited law enforcement points in Texas were edited through our previous application (prior to 8/2016); so make sure to do a thorough peer review check of those points (as you always would, of course!☺).  

To go with this challenge, we’ve created an Interactive Challenge Map page where users can quickly see which law enforcement points still need checked or peer-reviewed:

Here are a few things to keep in mind while reviewing Texas Law Enforcement locations:

What types of organizations fall under Law Enforcement?

  • For law enforcement duties, Texas uses highway patrol officers, police departments, sheriffs’ offices, and peace constables.  When editing law enforcement points in Texas, be sure to locate an authoritative source that lists the structure as one of these organizations.  See our Structures List for more on what law enforcement structures do and do not include.

Beware of bailiffs and jails.

  • You’ll notice several law enforcement points that are close to (or located at) county courthouses.  When reviewing these points, make sure to determine whether officers at these locations dispatch into the greater community or if their primary role is to assist the courts.  If that location’s only duty is to assist the courts, then it is considered a bailiff.  Since we are not collecting bailiffs at this time, please use the Comments field to document your findings and delete these points.

  • You may also come across law enforcement points that are placed on a county jail.  For these points, use an authoritative source to determine whether officers at these locations dispatch into the community or if their primary role is jail security.  Similar to the courts, we are not collecting law enforcement locations whose primary role is jail security. If the location’s only duty is jail security, please use the Comments field to document your findings and delete these points. However, if the location dispatches into the greater community (e.g., county sheriff’s offices that are co-located at a jail), then you can update the point.

As always, thank you for all that you do and Happy Mapping!

8/16/18 -------------------------------------------------------------

Georgia Post Offices - Finished!

Georgia Post Offices are now finished! THANK YOU to all of our volunteers who participated in this challenge! Here is a time-lapse map of volunteer contributions:

This time-lapse shows 829 unique points being edited by 16 volunteers throughout the duration of the challenge. Thank you!

Edits by User

Standard Editor - 180
Peer Reviewer - 10
Advanced Editor - 1,291

  • detour
  • geo163
  • Mungo
  • wla245
  • jhou
  • Andrew Tscherne
  • Britty01
  • superlemur
  • Lilitleet
  • AnneG
  • gacaver
  • kstam
  • ABvb11
  • rjhale1971
  • hyperbolejoy

7/25/18 -------------------------------------------------------------

Introducing the new TNMCorps Structure Finder!

The TNMCorps Structure Finder is an interactive web map that allows volunteers to randomly select a point based on their user level.

So instead of being tied to a specific state and/or feature type, let the Structure Finder take you to a random location! Who knows; it could randomly take you to a community that you may or may not have heard of! That's the fun of it!

6/1918 -------------------------------------------------------------

Courthouses - Finished!

It looks to us like courthouses may be finished (for now)! If you notice something missing in a state that hasn't been reviewed yet (i.e. hasn't turned yellow), make sure to add it.

THANK YOU to all of our volunteers who participated in this pilot project!!! We will be rolling out recognition badges for participation in collecting courthouses soon.

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