need different help for different types of users: 

User Type:

When writing help for  PIs you will need to log in as one.  To login as one in the username field type and then use your normal password.  You will see that you are logged in.  

How to log in

To access DMP editor, go to, click on "Login" in the top right corner. 

Requesting a New DMP user account

If you do not have a user account for the DMP Editor or a USGS email account you can obtain one like this: 

How to log out

Viewing your DMPs

Sorting Columns


How to edit DMPs

Editing a DMP

Adding Co-PIs

Click "Update" when you are finished to save your additions

Granting permission to designees

Once that person receives their USGS user name and password they will be able to edit your DMP.


need instructions on how to add a new record. 


Creating a New DMP


Adding a New Record

Choose from the drop-down for "Section" and then click on "Create"

Downloading a DMP PDF