What is the Project Dashboard?

The Project Tracking Dashboard, PDASH, is used to track and manage project information, including project metadata, reports, publications, data products and data management plan status. This tool was funded by the National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center.  

How do I log in?

What if Sciencebase password is expired? 

How do I search for projects?


To search for a term, use the general search box. The general search box does not support Lucene search syntax.  

To browse for projects, use the provided search filters.

How do I navigate the project list page?

This is intended to be a summary of projects based on the search term or filters you selected.

The columns are sort-able

The tabs are color coded with the relevant columns

Due to limited screen space, when a tab is expanded, it will only display 3 items for each project (e.g. if the project has 7 publications, when you expand the pubs tab, it will only display the 3 most recent pubs).

The Record Count indicates the total number of records the project has.

Upcoming Event indicates when the next scheduled notification will execute.

As a Principle Investigator, how do I...

upload a new report?

Note:  Only one file can be uploaded to a Report record. Uploading a new file will overwrite the existing one.  

When a file is uploaded, an email notification is sent to the Organization Managers.

add or edit a new publication?

When the Status of publication is set to In Revision or In Preparation an email notification is sent to the Community and Organization Managers.

When the Status is set to Published an email notification is sent to the Community and Organization Managers and Data Stewards. 

add a new product?

Note:  Use this form to add non-data products such as webinars, PDF, video. For new data products, please add or update the data management plan in the DMP editor tool.   

update my DMP from the Project Dashboard?

The DMP cannot be updated in the Project Dashboard; this must be done via the DMP Editor tool.

Note:  You must have edit permissions to edit the DMP.  


If a project has a DMP, a link to the DMP Editor is also available on the Project List page.  

As a Manager, how do I...

configure my organization settings?

This is where you can add your managers, data stewards, see a summary of events, add new events, add bulk reports, send emails and configure the notification text and schedule.

Add an Organization Event

Organization Event is to used to send scheduled email notifications to managers, data stewards, and Principle Investigators to let them know a deadline or event is approaching. 

Add Bulk Reports

An organization can configure what reports they wish to collect from their projects by using the +Add Bulk Report.  Managers can configure what type of report, when it is due (for quarterly report only), and which project they wish to collect the report from.  

Add Notifications

Default notifications are reminder email messages automatically sent to alert the recipients of upcoming or overdue deadlines. Managers can configure the Reminder Schedule (when the notification is sent), which PDASH users receive the notifications (Community Managers, Organization Managers, Data Stewards and/or Principal Investigators), and text of the notification. 

Syncronize with ScienceBase

Click on Refresh Projects will reconnect with ScienceBase and update Project Dashboard with any new information from ScienceBase.

Send Emails

As a manager, you are often tasked to send an email out to PIs that were funded in a certain year, to projects that are "In Progress" or to closed projects. This can easily be done using Project Dashboard. The ability to send emails is available in multiple places throughout the tool. The best place to send a largely distributed email message is from the Organization Page or the Project List page. 

Organization page field descriptions

add a new project or edit an existing project?

If you need to edit the metadata on an existing project, such as changing the project end date, this must be done in either DEPTH or ScienceBase. From the Project list, click on either ScienceBase or DEPTH link to be redirected to the desired tool for further editing.

Note: You must have write permissions to edit a project record.  

The DEPTH or ScienceBase links are also accessible from the Project page.  

send a report to ScienceBase?

To send a report to ScienceBase, navigate to the desired project report record and click on Upload to ScienceBase. This will send the report to the designated folder, which is typically the project working folder.  

After the report has been sent to ScienceBase, the ScienceBase ID field will automatically be populated.   

upload an attachment to a project record and send an attachment to ScienceBase?

On each project record, a manager can upload multiple attachments. 

After the attachment has been sent to ScienceBase, the ScienceBase ID field will automatically be populated.  

send a product to ScienceBase?

For non-data products, you can send the product to ScienceBase via the project dashboard.

This will create a record in the designated folder, which is typically the project working folder. It is likely that you will need to edit the record in ScienceBase to add additional metadata prior to making the item public.

Note: For data products, the Data Steward should upload them directly into ScienceBase.   

As a Data Steward, how do I add notes for the DMP?