Supplemental Guidance for Reporting Expenditures for the Conservation of Endangered and Threatened Species (FY 2014)

This reporting guidance provides information on how to report expenditures attributable to individual species to the extent this information is reasonably available. The Congress requested information for this report on a species-by-species basis, but to provide the most accurate account of expenditures for the conservation of species listed under the Endangered Species Act, we added a new reporting feature in FY 2012. This “multi-species” option will allow the reporting of lump sum costs for multi-species conservation activities when it is not possible to account accurately for individual species.

Each agency must enter data directly into our Web-based system and will need to designate a contact person (more than one person is permissible) to enter the data. The contact person(s) will need to obtain a username and password before entering the data. Credentials can be obtained by accessing the Environmental Conservation Online System at and clicking on “Contact Us” located at the bottom of the ECOS home page.  This brings you the Help Desk where you will click on “help desk web form.” 


Fill in the requested information along with your affiliated agency and request access to the “Expenditures” application. 



Please allow 2 working days for access approval (email confirmation will be sent).  Once you receive your log-in credentials and access approval email, log in at to begin entering expenditures data.  Contact the Help Desk (970-266-2999) or open a help desk ticket if you experience any problems.  

For the FY14 report, we have developed an optional bulk data upload feature to make entry of large amounts of data easier for users. To use this new feature, you must prepare a data spreadsheet that will correspond with the codes employed in our official species list.  For instructions, please see the self running instructional video found at the top of this guidance page: Bulk Upload Functionality Demonstration Video


Please note that use of this bulk data upload feature is totally optional.  Manual data entry is still available.

The following information should be used to gather the data.


              annual report covering the preceding fiscal year which shall contain--

                (1) an accounting on a species-by-species basis of all reasonably identifiable Federal expenditures made primarily for the conservation of

                       endangered and threatened species pursuant to this Act; and

          (2) an accounting on a species-by-species basis for all reasonably identifiable expenditures made primarily for the

               conservation of endangered and threatened species pursuant to this Act by States receiving grants under section 6."



Bulk Upload Functionality Presentation

A short power point presentation was put together to explain the capability and restrictions of using the bulk upload tool.  A PDF copy of the presentation can be found by clicking here: Expenditures Upload Demonstration.pdf

Bulk Upload Functionality Demonstration Video

Access the video by clicking here: ExpendituresUploadDemo.asf