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Use your Project Profile to determine which users can edit samples and study reaches, to provide descriptive information for people who retrieve data, and to set defaults to make data entry more efficient. The page describes the functions and parts of the Project Profile.

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Project Profile Functions

Functions of Project Profile (applicable sections)

Project Profile Page


These are the sections on the Project Profile page:

  1. Project Header (includes Abstract)
  2. Special Project or Program Information
  3. NWQL ASR Defaults
  4. Default BioData Lab Order Information

Figure. Project Profile page with Sections collapsed.


Project Header

The Project Header contains field that determine:
  • Project Identification
    • Name, Label
  • Data Ownership and Data Access
    • Science Center
    • Project Owner
    • Project Staff
  • Lab Order/NWQL ASR Defaults
    • Project Account
  • Review Status
    • Review Status Code
    • Release Category (Display only)
  •  Descriptive Information
    • Project Abstract
Figure. BioData Project Header


The Project Abstract provides a description of the data set collected by this Project. The abstract will be especially helpful to researchers who access these data through the retrieval systems. Enter an abstract that is a paragraph or more that describes the objectives, key aspects, design or methods of study. Also, helpful is the area of study, types of samples collected, and beginning and ending dates.
Suggested information to include in the Project Abstract

Special Project or Program Information & NWQL ASR Defaults

The sections "Special Project or Program Information" and "NWQL ASR" Defaults" are provided for a Project to :



Figure. "Special Project or Program Information" section.

Figure. "Special Project or Program Information" section. NWQL ASR Defaults is displayed when "National Water Quality Assessment" is selected in the Program selection box. Here you can fill out values that will be used when you create ASRs for the National Water Quality Lab (NWQL).


Default BioData Lab Order Information

Use this section to specify values that will automatically be filled in for you when you create Lab Orders.

Figure. Project Profile "Default BioData Lab Order Information" section

Defaults for New Data

This section allows you to specify defaults for selected parameters. These defaults are in effect when a new sample is created.


Figure. Project Profile "Defaults for New Data" section

How to Access the Project Profile

You can access a Project Profile from several places in the BioData application.

  1. Project Page
  2. Dashboard
  3. Project List