From the Community Samples tab, a user can:

  • Create and Edit Community Samples (Fish, Invertebrate, Algae)
  • Create Lab Orders (Invertebrate, Algae) on this tab

Once a Fish Community Sample is created, a user can:

  • Use the Fish Pick List for rapid data entry of fish taxonomic results

Creating a Sample is a multiple-step process:

    1. Click the 'Create New Community Sample' button
    2. Enter: Site - Date - Time
    3. Select "Create" from the Actions column


Once created, the forms that a user accesses using the majority of the sample types are designed with specific fields an validations associated with the indicated protocols (i.e. NAWQA or NRSA); however, the User-specified Fish (FGEN) and User-specified Invertebrate (IGEN) data entry screens provide a more generalized set of fields to accommodate a wider variety of protocols. As such, the user, after selecting one of these sample types, is required to choose a "Sampling Method Reference" to ensure that the field sampling protocol is known.