From the Community Samples tab, a user can:

  • Create and Edit Community Samples (Fish, Invertebrate, Algae)
  • Create Lab Orders (Invertebrate, Algae) on this tab

Once a Fish Community Sample is created, a user can:

  • Use the Fish Pick List for rapid data entry of fish taxonomic results

Creating a Sample is a multiple-step process:

    1. Click the 'Create New Community Sample' button
    2. Enter: Site - Date - Time
    3. Select "Create" from the Actions column


In general, data entry forms are customized to specific sample types within specific protocols (i.e. NAWQA or NRSA) and incorporate specific validations associated with those protocols; however...

User-specified Fish (FGEN) and User-specified Invertebrate (IGEN) data entry forms provide a more generalized set of fields to accommodate a wider variety of protocols. As such, these forms require the user to choose a "Sampling Method Reference" to ensure that the field sampling protocol is known.

Step #1:

Step #2: