Invertebrate sample collection methods and protocols

  • NOTE: Don't use the User-specified Invertebrate (IGEN) forms for NAWQA or NRSA invertebrate community samples

Required Fields:

  • USGS Station ID
  • Collection Date
  • Start Time
  • Time Datum
  • Sampling Method Reference


Creating a User-Specified Invertebrate (IGEN) Sample

  • NOTESite and Collection Date must be entered before the Create "button" will appear

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Selecting a Sampling Method Reference (required)

  • NOTE: Site Visit Sample Number, Start Time, and Time Datum are also required

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Displaying Information about Methods and Protocols

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Requesting a New Method or Protocol

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Artificial Substrate Data Entry

  • NOTE: Number of sample retrieved = Number of discrete collections composited
  • NOTE: Retrieved on date = Collection Date

*both can be changed using the Fix it link

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