Logging In


Users who want to create projects, edit projects, or gain access to projects that they have permission to view must log in.

You do not need to log in to view projects that are publicly available. 



Viewing Projects in DEPTH



General Project Searches

Search Filters

Downloading a CSV of your Search Results



An example of a CSV project list. 


Creating a Project in DEPTH



Editing a Project in DEPTH


Adding a File to a Project Page

You can add any type of file to your project page, such as a .doc, .xls, jpeg, pdf, .shp, etc. through DEPTH. 


Adding a Shapefile to a Project Page

If you want to add a map to your project page here it must be an "unzipped" shapefile. 

Note: Once you have added a file to a project in DEPTH, you cannot delete it from DEPTH, you will have to go into ScienceBase to do that.