Logging In

Users who want to create projects, edit projects, or gain access to projects that they have permission to view in SCDEPTH must log in.

You do not need to log in to view projects that are publicly available. 



Viewing Projects in SC DEPTH



General Project Searches

Search Filters

Downloading a CSV of your Search Results



This is an example of a CSV project list. 


Creating a Project in DEPTH

Note:  You must be logged in to create or edit projects.  


Editing a Project in DEPTH


Adding a File to a Project Page

Once the project record has been created, you can add any type of file to your project page, such as a .doc, .xls, jpeg, pdf, gif, .shp, zip file, etc. through DEPTH.   

Note:  If using Chrome, you will need to double-click on "Attach Files." 

Note:  To upload multiple files, use shift and the left-mouse button to click and highlight the files you wish to upload.  Use ctrl left-mouse click to select multiple files that are not grouped together.  


Adding a Shapefile to a Project Page

If you want to add a map of the project study area to be displayed on the project page, you can upload a shape file.  

Note:  The shape file must be unzipped prior to uploading.   

Note:  If using Chrome, you will need to double-click on "Attach Files." 

Note: Once you have added a file to a project in DEPTH, you cannot delete it from DEPTH, you will have to go into ScienceBase to do that

Manage Permissions

By default the project record inherits the permissions of its parent record in ScienceBase, which in most cases is public.  Once the project has been saved, you change change the permissions to be secured to the NYWSC Management Team.  To secure the project record, click on the "Make Private" button in the tool bar.    

To make the project record public, click on the "Make Public" button in the tool bar.