The Project Page is used to access ALL data management activities for your project


Using the Tabs...

Project Profiles and Default Values
  • View and edit the project profile of the selected project
Study Reaches
  • Create, View, and Edit Study Reaches that can be associated with Community and Physical Samples.
Habitat, Site Conditions, and other Physical Samples
  • Create, View, and Edit Physical Samples (including Reach Habitat; Physical Site Conditions; Light Availability) data.
  • These samples are typically collected to support analysis of taxonomic identification and enumeration data in Community Samples.
Community Samples
  • The default starting tab when a user selects a project
  • Create, View, and Edit Community Sample (i.e. fish, invertebrate, algae)
  • Create lab orders.
Lab Orders
  • View, place, and track lab orders
  • To edit lab orders use the Community Samples tab
Taxonomic Data Review
  • Set review codes for fish, invertebrate, and algae taxonomic identification and enumeration results.
Data Release Status
  • View a summary of the release status of all your project data
  • Quickly access data that has not been fully reviewed and accept