This defines an Item as a Community in ScienceBase-Catalog and is best managed using the edit form in ScienceBase-Catalog


classNameStringdiscriminator used by the system to identity the extension type"gov.sciencebase.catalog.item.facet.CommunityFacet"
StringThe abbreviated, short name for the community "FRESC"
savedSearchesList<CommunitySavedSearch>an list of savedSearch Objects which provide a list of bookmarked queries listed in the community navigation menu.
    description: "",
    name: "BaselineSynthesis",
    title: "Baseline Synthesis Projects",
    uri: "?q=&filter0=parentId%3D4f4e4a81e4b07f02db649efb&community=WLCI"
    description: "",
    name: "DataManagementProjects",
    title: "Data Management Projects",
    uri: "?q=&filter=tags%3DData+Management&community=WLCI"
vocabCategoryIdString, BSON IDThe ID of a folder (or vocabulary) in ScienceBase Vocab for the community 
bannerTypeString (from list)

The type of layout to be used for the community - mainly the header.

"DEFAULT" - the standard ScienceBase layout

"USGS" for the (old) USGS Viz ID.

"FULL" aka "Top Banner (non-USGS) - layout with the option for a custom header graphic

"CUSTOM" - deprecated

backgroundImageUrlString, URL with https

URL for the image used as a banner (or color band).
This is used a background in a HTML DIV and will be cropped if larger than 72 pixels tall in the USGS layout.

The URL must use the HTTPS protocol to match the security of
backgroundColorString, HTML Hex Colorthe color for the background of header/banner#364d44
usgsTitleStringThe text for the title in the USGS Viz ID layout"USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center"
usgsTitleColorString, HTML Hex ColorThe color of the title text in the USGS Viz ID layout#eee5d2
usgsTitleBackgroundColorString, HTML Hex ColorThe color of the background for the title in the USGS Viz ID layout#927b63


    savedSearches: [ ],
    template: "",
    backgroundColor: "#364d44",
    bannerType: "USGS",
    vocabCategoryId: "",
    usgsTitle: "USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center",
    usgsTitleColor: "#eee5d2",
    usgsTitleBackgroundColor: "#927b63",
    abbreviatedName: "",
    backgroundImageUrl: "",
    className: "gov.sciencebase.catalog.item.facet.CommunityFacet"