Many aspects of ScienceBase are controlled by various types of controlled vocabularies and code lists inside the ScienceBase Vocabulary application. These may be highly structured systems of terms such as a managed thesaurus or simple code lists of terms that apply to a particular aspect or attribute and may or may not come from an authoritative source.

 The following sections discuss specific code lists, their values and provenance, and their usage within ScienceBase.

Vocabulary Storage and API

ScienceBase leverages a separate application called the ScienceBase Vocabulary to store specific sets of terms for use in ScienceBase and other applications. This allows developers outside ScienceBase to create applications that use the same lists that ScienceBase uses internally. Most pages in Vocabulary can be formatted to JSON by simply adding ?format=json to the end of the URL. Lists can be found at the Terms Collection URI links.

Most of the terms used inside ScienceBase (including the ones mentioned on this page) are stored under the item folder in Vocabulary