The following examples provide usage scenarios for ScienceBase Services using a couple of different options for interacting with REST. The use cases describe "real world" cases where information has needed to be retrieved from ScienceBase in different ways or presented to ScienceBase in order to insert or update ScienceBase Items or other records.


The ability to read or write in ScienceBase is controlled down to the individual item level for both ScienceBase Items and ScienceBase Directory items with an access control list that determines what users and groups can interact with the item. There is an inheritance process built into the hierarchical nature of ScienceBase such that an item can act as a folder under which other items can be placed, inheriting the access controls of the parent item. In order to use any of the REST HTTP methods discussed in the examples, the REST client used will need to present ScienceBase with a valid set of credentials for the desired action. Credentials can be obtained by contacting