The service definition extensions provides the support for ArcGIS .sd files. Uploading an SD file to an item creates this extension and if the item is public a service is created on the ScienceBase ArcGIS server.



= "gov.sciencebase.catalog.item.facet.ServiceDefinitionFacet"

A discriminator used by the system to identity the extension type

Stringname of the SD file

Identifier for the service on ArcGIS, this is usually the Item ID and a MapServer service would be hosted at<ItemID>/MapServer

String(same as servicePath)
processingStateString"success", "failed", "pending", "void". Indicates the status of loading this from ScienceBase Catalog into the ScienceBase ArcGIS server
processingMessageStringA note about the satus
filePathUsedStringAn identifier used to locate the file in the ScienceBase file repository
serverTypeString, URIMapServer or ImageServer. If not specified, MapServer is assumed
filesList<ItemFile>A list of files including the SD file and possibly a thumbnail image if one was found in the SD

list of services enabled on ArcGIS, such as

"KmlServer", "WMSServer"

boundingBoxMap<String, Double>the bounding box, see example for details


    className: "gov.sciencebase.catalog.item.facet.ServiceDefinitionFacet",
    name: "",
    servicePath: "557f6421e4b023124e8ef848",
    serviceId: "557f6421e4b023124e8ef848",
    processingState: "success",
    processingMessage: "",
    filePathUsed: "__disk__6e/1f/ba/6e1fbac78b0f04089919e6738e117d9c3d12676c",
    serverType: "",
    files: [
            name: "",
            title: "",
            contentType: "x-gis/x-arcgis-service-def",
            contentEncoding: null,
            pathOnDisk: "__disk__6e/1f/ba/6e1fbac78b0f04089919e6738e117d9c3d12676c",
            processed: false,
            processToken: null,
            imageWidth: null,
            imageHeight: null,
            size: 22307542,
            dateUploaded: "2015-06-15T23:46:41Z",
            originalMetadata: true,
            useForPreview: false,
            s3Object: null,
            url: ""
            name: "thumbnail.png",
            title: null,
            contentType: "image/png",
            contentEncoding: null,
            pathOnDisk: "__disk__10/d9/ec/10d9ec85748e5f77836f5b38929795c474727de1",
            processed: null,
            processToken: null,
            imageWidth: 200,
            imageHeight: 133,
            size: 46494,
            dateUploaded: "2015-06-15T23:47:45Z",
            originalMetadata: null,
            useForPreview: null,
            s3Object: null,
            url: ""
    enabledServices: [
    boundingBox: {
        minY: 34.2011138863826,
        minX: -113.050594383325,
        maxY: 38.2818302593492,
        maxX: -107.001528548052