ScienceBase connects to a number of different Open Geospatial Consortium web services that require several distinct attributes that describe aspects of the services and how they can be connected to and interacted with in ScienceBase. These attributes are contained within a generalized OGC extension that is further classified with a Web Service Type list.



= "gov.sciencebase.catalog.item.facet.OGCFacet"

A discriminator used by the system to identity the extension type

StringThe type of OGCFacet, this can be "WMS" or "WFS"

A comma separated set of layers.

crsStringThe supported projections of the service.
serviceVersionStringThe service version of the service.
capabilitiesUrlString, URIThe capabilities URL of the service - includes the 'request' and 'service' params
serviceCapabilitiesUrlString, URIThe base URL of the service - like the capabilitiesUrl but without any params
serviceMapUrlString, URI 
serviceFeatureInfoUrlString, URI 
serviceLegendUrlString, URI 
boundingBoxMap<String, Double>the bounding box, see example for details
featureTypesMap<String, Map>WFS-only: the types of features in the WFS service
totalFeatureCountIntegerWFS-only: the number of features in the WFS service
processingStatusStringsystem field to indicate status of processing the service


    className: "gov.sciencebase.catalog.item.facet.OGCFacet",
    type: "WMS",
    layers: "5, 9, 13, 17",
    crs: "EPSG:102113, EPSG:3785",
    serviceVersion: "1.1.1",
    capabilitiesUrl: "",
    serviceCapabilitiesUrl: "",
    serviceMapUrl: "",
    serviceFeatureInfoUrl: "",
    serviceLegendUrl: "",
    boundingBox: {
        maxY: 45.564997,
        maxX: -76.099956,
        minX: -87.927038,
        minY: 41.373786