Thirty-three Statements of Interest (SOIs) were submitted on October 9, 2015. Nineteen SOIs were selected to move on to the full proposal phase of the RFP process.


TitlePI NameOrganization
A web-based application for the management and visualization of land-use scenario data.Jason T SherbaWestern Geographic Science Center
Facilitating the USGS Scientific Data Management Foundation by integrating the process into current scientific workflow systems.Colin TalbertFort Collins Science Center
Data Management Training ClearinghouseJohn C NelsonUpper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center
2016 Data at Risk CDI ProposalJohn L FaundeenEarth Resources Observation and Science Center
Realizing the unmet biological potential of weather radarRobert H DiehlNorthern Rocky Mountain Science Center
Evaluating a new open-source, standards-based framework for web portal development in the geosciencesRichard SignellWoods Hole Science Center
Hunting Invasive Species with HTCondor: High Throughput Computing for Big Data and Next Generation SequencingS. Grace McCallaUSGS Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center
Leveraging National Map elevation services to render on-the-fly, plugin-free, 3D terrain models via client-side web browserChristopher P GarrityEnergy Resources Science Center
Predicting Soil Loss with ArcGIS and RUSLE in the contiguous United StatesEnrika J HlavacekUpper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center
A data management and visualization framework for community vulnerability to hazardsJeanne M JonesWestern Geographic Science Center
Development of Recommended Practices and Workflow for Publishing Digital Data through ScienceBase for Dynamic VisualizationKatherine J ChaseMontana Water Science Center
Integration of National Soil and Wetland Datasets: A Toolkit for Calculation and Quality Assessment of Imputed Wetland Soil PropertiesEric SundquistBranch of Regional Research, Eastern Region
Documentation and web presence for public release of USGS Automated Imaging SystemRian C BogleAstrogeology Science Center
Crowd-sourced Earthquake Detections Integrated into Seismic ProcessingMichelle GuyGeologic Hazards Team
Integration of Phenological Forecast Maps for Assessment of Biodiversity: An Enterprise WorkflowJake WeltzinNational Phenology Network
Birds and Birds and the Bakken: Integration of oil well, land cover, and species distribution data to inform conservationTodd M PrestonNorthern Rocky Mountain Science Center
Enhance existing web resources to support aspects of the data management process for multiple research and monitoring programs and projectsJennifer M BayerNW Region/PNAMP
National Stream Characterization: A Standardized Process and DatabaseDaniel J WieferichBiogeographic Characterization
Modeling Integration of Diverse Biological, Chemical, and Land-Use Data: Endocrine Disruption Use CaseCassandra C LadinoEastern Geographic Science Center


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