The March Monthly Meeting was so packed that we had a CDI Forum post about it.

We had two presentations:

CyberGIS and CEGIS

Johnathan Rush and Mike Finn

A great example of a USGS-academia collaboration, making open GIS tools.


Anyone can create an account - check out the TopoLens and other apps.
They welcome feedback and suggestions!

Digital Grain Size App

 Daniel Buscombe

A FY15 CDI-funded project allowing users to get grain size distributions for sediment-related research quickly and easily.


Virtual Training Topics

We also opened voting for the Virtual Training Topics for this year.

Options are: Reviewing Metadata & Using Controlled Vocabularies; Git, GitHub, & Stash; Scientific workflow and reproducibility; ScienceBase R Package: sbtools; and VisTrails Workflow Software. Vote before April 13, 2016.

In mid-April we will take stock of the results and plan to incorporate them into this year’s CDI Virtual Annual Meeting.

Vote now!