Well Catalog Search Tips

The Core Research Center Well Catalog (CRCWC) now offers both Map-Based and Text-Based search capabilities. Due to incomplete latitude and longitude coordinates not all wells will be displayed using the Map-Based search. Please use the Text-Based search to find and display all records including those lacking the latitude and longitude coordinates. Also please note that the coordinates provided are only estimates. The coordinate source column identifies the source for the latitude and longitude values. For values obtained from state records please check with the state for more information about how the values were derived. Additional coordinates will be provided as they become available.

Search Box Hints

The new Text-Based Search allows more choices of search criteria. Hovering the mouse pointer over the data entry box will display a tool-tip with information about the acceptable entries for that box.

With the default setting, it will search for both cores and cuttings.

To select a state use the drop-down box.

If you want to specify a range of values for township and range, separate the values with a dash (5-10).

Multiple API numbers separated by commas can be entered into the API number box.

A search can be restricted to find only full or only slabbed cores by selecting from the choices in the drop-down box labeled -Type.

Operator, well name and field can be searched.

Cores can be searched by formation name, entering just the first few letters is sufficient although it may return more than one formation.

We do not have formation information for the cuttings.

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To search the Well Catalog

Text-Based Search

By default, a search looks for both cores and cuttings at the same time. The results are on separate tabs.

The View in full page button expands the screen area used by the list.

To see and download any available reports, photos or thin section images click on the Library Number and then click the links on the resulting page for the individual items.

Result of Clicking on the Library Number

This page can be viewed by clicking the Library Number in the list of results.

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Printing from Full Page View

Click on Full Page View to get a list that can be printed directly from the browser.

Exporting the List to a File

Long lists with many pages can be viewed by clicking Next or choosing a page number from the buttons at the bottom of the page.

Map-Based Search

The buttons or the tabs can be used to switch between the Text-Based Search and the Map-Based Search.

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Zoom In and Select an Area

Pan to an area of interest using the mouse or the arrow keys

Note: Make sure you finish working with the map before clicking Search to get the list because it will leave the map and will not return to the selected map area.

Township and Range Boundaries and Labels

Zooming in will reveal the township and range boundaries with their labels.

Individual Sections

Zooming in farther reveals the labeled sections.

Well Information

Click on a point to get a pop-up bubble with the information about the well(s) at that location.

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Show Results

Clicking Show produces the same page that can be viewed by clicking the Library Number in the list of results from the Text-Based Search.

For cores it will show the intervals and formations (if known). 

We do not currently have formation data for the cuttings but the links will lead to a similar page showing any available thin sections or analyses. 

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