The July 11th Data Management Working Group call featured information on the USGS Data Release Workbench, the USGS Science Data Catalog, ScienceBase, and USGS Data Sharing Agreements. Visit the meeting wiki page to access the recording and Q&A. (The .arf recording can be played with software available on the USGS WebEx Recording and Playback page.)

Viv Hutchison gave a tour of the USGS Data Release Workbench, developed to illustrate the general steps needed for releasing data in USGS. 

Components of the Data Release Workbench.

Differences between USGS Science Data Catalog and ScienceBase are nicely illustrated in this table:


From the meeting wiki page:

 JC Nelson has been working on drafting Data Sharing Agreements at USGS to guide centers/programs when they are working with collaborators/funders. These agreements cover who receives the data after the end of the project, which agency is responsible for releasing/preserving the data, etc. Contact JC to view a copy of the draft Data Sharing Agreement.

Visit the CDI Data Management Working Group wiki page and meetings page for more information. 

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