Workshop Report

CDI-Theme Mapping Innovation Workshop Report (DOI internal Google Doc) or Download the PDF from 9/3/2016


Monday, August 29, 12-2pm Eastern Time

Workshop Goals

What are the workshop goals?

Who should attend:

Why should you attend?


  1. Register for the Workshop
  2. Review the workshop themes and questions (Internal link for Dept of Int users)
  3. Optional: Submit a Mapping Innovation Success Story. (Download the template) (If you do not use Powerpoint or a compatible application, just be sure to include the information on the list below.)

By submitting a slide, you can spread the word about projects, tools, and resources that contribute to innovative mapping at the USGS.
NOTE: You may alternatively/in addition submit to the "Share your Mapping Innovation" google site, but we thought the one-slide option would be a nice compilation and contribution from our workshop.

Send your slide to They will be compiled and made available as part of the workshop outcomes.

A template will be provided here for one slide consisting of

Workshop Agenda

Monday, August 29, 12-2pm Eastern Time

All times Eastern

12:00p ET

Welcome and Introduction


Discussion Topic 1: Data Interoperability


Discussion Topic 2: Data Discovery and Sharing


Discussion Topic 3: Communication and Visualization


Open Discussion

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