The CDI August Monthly Meeting featured several presentations related to Data Access, as well as Announcements in preparation of FY17 events.

Access the slides and recording at the August Monthly Meeting Page: CDI Monthly Meeting 20160810

Scientist’s Challenge: Data Release for a Diverse Group of Geochemistry Labs

Leah Morgan from the Argon Geochemistry Laboratory told us about the types of data collected at the Southwest Isotope Research Laboratory, data formats, software, community guidelines, and asked what was the best way to get started with Data Release. 

Comments on the forum post include the Data Release Instructions page and examples of Data Dictionaries.

Public Access/Open Access at USGS: A story of a Science Data and Publishing Evolution

Viv Hutchison, Science Data Management Branch Chief, presented the history and progress of the USGS Public Access/Open Data Plan.

This timeline from her talk nicely summarizes where we’ve come from in dealing making scientific data public and open. (Click image to expand.)

If you want to read more about the Public Access plan and implementation updates, see

The Data-Driven Discovery Initiative at Moore

Carly Moore’s talk about Data-Driven Discovery showed how some academic institutions are making changes to support data-driven research and tools.

An interesting concept discussed is the rise of the distribution of preprints. A Preprint is an early version of a manuscript. It may be a draft, an incomplete version, or a final version of an article.

Preprints are have been popular in certain disciplines for a long time. They are a great example of openly sharing research results in a very fast and efficient manner. and are examples of preprint servers. Subsequent discussion brought up the point that many Federal policies would not allow such sharing before interpretive results are approved, an interesting point to consider as the scientific data and research landscape continues to evolve.

CDI Annual Workshop Planning

The CDI coordinators are working to get a draft agenda and an entry in the USGS Conference Database in the next month!

Help us by contributing and voting on ideas!

We will work with this data during the September Monthly Meeting.

CDI FY17 Request For Proposals and Collaboration Forum

The FY17 Community for Data Integration RFP will be announced at the September Monthly Meeting, it is right around the corner.

Prepare for the CDI FY17 RFP - View past funded projects:

Or use the collaboration forum to look for collaborators: FY17 RFP Collaboration Forum

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