I'm working on an online database of gravity data, which constitutes text files with all of the metadata (location, etc.) along with the measured gravity value. It's proven pretty easy to write a python script that synchronizes our local database (thousands of text files stored in a specific directory structure) with ScienceBase (one item per station, multiple text files per item). SB works well for this, and I believe it lets us meet FSP for Open Data. But, it's not very "discoverable." What I would like, and intend to submit a CDI proposal for, is a secondary "wrapper", probably in the form of a web page, that digests the text files stored in ScienceBase and presents them in some sort of map- and time-based view. In other words, SB would remain the official data of record, but the secondary interface would let the user select stations within a particular area and/or time period, and either retrieve the text files, or just the pertinent info (gravity) from the text files. 

Although my interest is gravity, I think this is a more general problem, and what we really need is a template and/or example of how to do it. Maybe GIS services would be an option. Anyone interested in going in on the proposal?