I'm part of a group that is wrapping up an FY16 CDI project, the Data Management Training Clearinghouse (information about the project is available here, a recording of a recent demo is also available). The Clearinghouse has had a successful initial launch at http://dmtclearinghouse.esipfed.org/user/login (it's currently only accessible to those with ESIP user accounts). 

We've discussed possibly submitting a CDI statement of interest for additional work and enhancements for FY17. Unfortunately, I don't have the time this year to participate in a CDI project, and a requirement for CDI proposals is that one of the PIs should be from the USGS. So we thought we'd ask this group to see if someone from USGS would be interested in joining as a PI. The deadline for submission is this Friday, Oct. 14th, but most of the work to draft the statement of interest has already been done.

Here are some proposed FY17 tasks: 

If you're interested or would like more information, please contact the project manager, Nancy Hoebelheinrich (nhoebel@kmotifs.com).