RFP Lifecycle

The RFP Lifecycle consists of the following stages:

Navigating the RFPManager System

Create a New Funding Opportunity

Edit the Review Criteria for SOIs or Proposals/Settings

Initiate the Review Process

Make sure you have made any necessary changes to the weights and criteria for the review by editing the "Custom Forms" BEFORE initiating the review process.

Edit Reviewer List

Note: It is recommended that you do not delete reviewers from the list! To remove a reviewer from the reviewer list, do not delete, but instead make them unavailable.

Assign Reviewers

To assign reviews to SOIs or Proposals, go into the Review Event, and Click Assign Reviews

Note: The Review event is under the Open Review Events. 

Accept/Reject Process for SOIs and Proposals

Make sure the Submission Period for the Review Process has closed before you send any acceptance/rejection notices - this will prevent reviewers from altering their review documents after you send your accept/reject notifications

Note: After you have changed the date, click Update at the bottom of the page.  DO NOT CLICK DELETE! 

Note: After you have changed the date, click Update at the bottom of the page. DO NOT CLICK DELETE!

To accept or reject SOIs or proposals: 

 Be sure you accept/reject proposals under the Proposal section and SOIs under the SOI section.

Helpful Reports for Managers



Lists submission title, applicant information, submitted documents, application stage/status, total review score, Accept/Reject buttons.

  • This is the page where you initiate an SOI or Proposal Review and Accept or Reject an application.
  • You can also use this page to Email all registrants, but clicking Email Registrants at the bottom of the page.

Master Report

Lists submission title, applicant information, all submitted documents, project summary, budget information, and review information [Master Report for All General Information!]

Applicant List

Lists all applicants including name, email, organization, submission title and Co-PIs

Detailed Applicant List

Contents of Applicant List plus additional contact information, project summary, and responses to registration questions

Document List

Location for all documents, categorized by type of document (SOI, Proposal, Budget, etc.). This page allows you to download all documents (SOIs or Proposals) with one click.

Data Management Plan List

Lists data management plan records and comments from the data stewards for all submissions

Budget Report

Lists budget numbers and information for all submissions. The Budget Report will only being populated if you are using the supported budget template.

Go to SOI Review Reports

Takes you to the Reports for SOI Review information

Go to Proposal Review Reports

Takes you to the Reports for Proposal Review information

Full Document List

Lists applicant, submission title, application stage, review score, and documents for ALL SOIs (by Category.)



Reviewer Assignments

Check to see which SOI / proposal a reviewer is assigned to AND assign reviewers to an SOI / proposal

Reviewer List

Lists the reviewers (name, title, email, organization). Allows you to click on a reviewer to see which applications he/she has been assigned to

Detailed Reviewer List

Lists the reviewers with name, email, organization, title, address, phone

Reviews Report

Lists the SOI/Proposal title, the review status of the application, and the review scores for the application, categorized by criteria. [Click on Extended Report in the upper right corner to show the breakdown of scores based on reviewer. Then click on Expand Comments to see all review comments for the submissions]

Show Reviews

Shows the list of all applications under review (Click on a title to see all of the reviewers for that submission and see all of the combined scores/comments)

Show Reviewers

Shows the list of all reviewers (Click on a reviewer to see all SOIs/Proposals under review by that reviewer and the scores for each document)

Helpful Tips for Managers

Filtering Email Notifications in BisonConnect

This option is found on the Settings page of the Funding Opportunity.

Managers have the option to receive email notifications when new applicants register in the RFP system or when they upload new documents. If you do not want to disable email notifications, but also do not want them to clutter your email inbox, you can filter them. All notifications come from  rfp@usgs.gov and have a "RFP" tag in the subject line.

To filter the notifications in BisonConnect:

1. Create a label (for instance, a "notifications" sub-label of the "rfp" label)

2. Select one of the RFP Manager email notifications from the Inbox

3. Click the Filter messages like these item in the More drop down menu

4. Click Create filter with this search link

5. Check:

    ✓ Skip the Inbox (Archive it)

    ✓ Apply the label (Choose label created at step 1)

    ✓ Never mark it as important

    ✓ Also apply filter to X matching conversations

6. Click Create filter button

How to Email Registrants Using the Applications Report

On the next page you can type a customized message. An email can be sent to all of the registrants by selecting the check box next to the All Confirmed Attendees or All Unconfirmed Attendees text.

How to Download Documents Using the Document List Report

To download a zip file containing all of the documents submitted to funding opportunity or to download a zip file containing just the SOI documents, select the Document List report.

Download All Documents (ZIP)

 This will download all documents (as a zip file) that have   been uploaded to a funding opportunity 

Download All Documents (flat ZIP)

 Download all documents to a single file 

Download All SOIs (ZIP)

This will download only SOI files

Download Document Metadata (PDF)

This will download the information (names, emails etc.) (as a PDF) for each submissions and display which documents have been submitted

How to View a Reviewer’s Dashboard Using the Reviewer Assignments Report

To check on the status of a reviewer’s progress in regards to reviewing SOIs that they have been assigned

This is the reviewer’s dashboard. Below the Contact Information box is the list of assigned reviews. The text at the beginning of each bulleted item is the status of the review.