**It is recommended that you use Google Chrome as your internet browser when working in HabITS V5. Other internet browsers may not work properly.**

1. To create a new species list, click Create a New Species List under the Customization module. 

2. Start by creating a name for your species list. Then select Yes or No if you would like to share with your office (users with higher user power will see Shared with State or Region). If you select Yes, your new species list will be available to others in your office (or State or Region) to use. Next click on Species List to see a drop down of your current Species List. 

3. Scroll down and choose the All TESS & IT IS Species list to access all species. You can also choose any of the other lists from this dropdown but the All TESS & IT IS Species contains any (and all) of species you would need to make a new list. 

4. After choosing a Species List you can search for available species by either typing in the name or scrolling through the list. Click to select the species you want to add to your new list.

5. Continue to select all of the species you would like to add to your new list. Once all of your species have been selected, click the Add Selected Species button.

6. Now all of your species have been added. If you would like to remove a species from the list click the Remove button to the right of the species. Next click Save to save your new species list. 

7. After clicking save you will see a green banner (for just a couple of seconds) saying “Species List saved successfully” and you will see the newly created list below. If needed, from this page you can choose to Edit, Copy, or Delete a species list.  

That concludes the How-to Create a Species List in HabITS V5 tutorial. If you see any errors or have any recommendations of how to improve this tutorial please contact me at bret_beasley@fws.gov