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Welcome to the NEW HabITS Help Center!

HabITS V5 User Guide

What’s new in HabITS V5:

HabITS V5 Chapter 1. Introduction to ECOS & HabITS V5

HabITS V5 Chapter 2. Dashboard

HabITS V5 Chapter 3. Habitat Improvement Module

HabITS V5 Chapter 4. Reports Module

HabITS V5 Chapter 5. Customization

HabITS V5 Videos and Webinars

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Financial Assistance (FA) Guidance Link


Financial Assistance Support and Oversight Division: https://inside.fws.gov/go/post/FASODIV-Home

Compliance Branch: https://inside.fws.gov/go/post/FASOCOMP-Home


Policy Branch: https://inside.fws.gov/go/post/FASOPOL-Home


Systems Branch: https://inside.fws.gov/go/post/FASOSYS-Home


Training Branch: https://inside.fws.gov/go/post/FASOTRN-Home


Data Calls & Commenting Opps: https://inside.fws.gov/index.cfm/go/post/FASODTS-Home


FWS FA Servicing Offices Launch Page: https://inside.fws.gov/go/post/FWSFAServicingOffices-Home

FY2017 End of Year QA/QC Documents

PFW/CP Staff Point of Contact Information Link