How to Log in

To access DMP editor, go to, click on Login in the top right corner

Requesting a New DMP User Account for Non-DOI Users


Forgotten Password

How to Log Out

Viewing Your DMPs

Sorting Columns


How to Edit DMPs

Simple Edits

Note: From the DMP show page, a PI can only edit the Co-PIs, add or edit records, and edit the Permission Also Granted To fields. The remainder of the fields is only editable by Admins and Data Stewards.

Adding Co-PIs

Once + Add New Co-PI is clicked, you are directed to the Create PI page. If they already have an account, the information will automatically populate when you enter their email address. 


After you add a Co-PI, you may receive a warning message that the Co-PI does not have a DMP Editor Account or edit permissions. 

Granting Permission to Designee

Revoking Permission from Designees

How to enable email notification to PI when a Data Steward Comments on DMP 


Note: The Co-PIs and designees will not receive notifications when the Data Steward makes comments on the DMP.

How to mark a DMP as Complete

The will send an email message to the Data Steward notifying that the DMP is complete and ready for review.

Creating a New DMP

Adding a New Record

Note: The records form has multiple sections that are shaded in gray which are not required during the proposal stage of the Data Management Plan (DMP). If a project is funded, all fields will then be required.

Uploading a DMP Word Template

If you are using the NCCWSC DMP word template for maintaining the plan and would like to manage the DMP online, you can upload it into the DMP editor tool. To upload a template, the template must be a .DOCX document. The NCCWSC template is available at

This will import all of your DMP records and they will be located in the Records section of the DMP show page. 

Downloading a DMP PDF

As the DMP moves through the different phases of the project life cycle, there will be multiple versions of the DMP available to download.