Finalizing your Proposal Based on Funding Level

You will then see a list of all Proposals that need final deliverables. 

Updating elements of your Proposal 

You can also add or remove students, add other additional documents, and add a note. Other fields cannot be modified at this time.

Updating Deliverables for Your Proposal 

Some of the deliverables might not be able to be completed based on the amount of funding you were allocated. If you cannot complete all of the original deliverables, you need to make a note at this time. If you want to change a deliverable from required to another status, simply:

Submitting your Updated Proposal to the NCGMP Team


When you are ready to send the updated Proposal to the NCGMP team

Upload Final Deliverables to a Live Project 

Before the project deadline, return to the application to upload your final deliverables. 

ProTip: Make sure the name of your file is meaningful and connects it to your project. For example a title like wyoming_waterways_thesis_fy2015.pdf is an excellent title for your file

Creating your myUSGS Account

To get started you will need to create a myUSGS account - this account needs to use the email address associated with your proposal.

You will then need to check your inbox for an email from myUSGS and follow the steps, including providing a sponsor for the account, to complete your registration. If you are unsure, check with the NCGMP team to see which email address to use.

Next, your sponsor will get an email and need to verify your account, after which you will get an email asking you to finalize your account, create a password etc.

Forgot your password?