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Welcome to the NEW HabITS Version 5 Help Center!

Getting Started

This document is meant to be used as general guidance for using the HabITS application.  It provides a general introduction to the HabITS application in the first section with a focus on application access, navigation, and the data which may be found under separate modules within the application. 

ECOS Profile 

In order to access the HabITS application a user must first have an account with ECOS.

Login to Secure ECOS at https://ecos.fws.gov and supply the users AD credentials.  If the user has never established an account they will be asked to setup their profile at this time.  If they already have an ECOS account access the PROFILE page (under My Account) and verify their current profile.  If the user has switched stations recently it may not be accurate and they will need to submit a help desk ticket to have ECOS change their profile.


Requesting HabITS Access

What's New in HabITS V5

Advanced Mapper (Released )

New Report Interface (Released )

New Report Platform (Released )

Focus Area Module (Released )

Strategic Planning Module (Soon to be released)

Analysis Mapper (Soon to be released)

HabITS V5 Videos and Webinars

These videos are older versions but still a good place to start if you have never really worked in HabITS V5.  They will familiarize you with the new V5.

Webinar given by Linh Phu - Differences between HabITS V4 and HabITS V5 - July 2015

Webinar given by Eric Rank - Basic work flow demonstration in the new HabITS V5 - July 2015

New Videos Coming Soon!

HabITS V5 User's Guide

HabITS V5 Chapter 1. Introduction to HabITS V5

HabITS V5 Chapter 2. Dashboard

HabITS V5 Chapter 3. Habitat Improvement Module

HabITS V5 Chapter 4. Reports Module

HabITS V5 Chapter 5. Customization Module

HabITS V5 Chapter 6.  Focus Areas Module

HabITS V5 Chapter 7. Strategic Planning Module


HabITS V5 Chapter 8.  Tips and Tricks


HabITS V5 Chapter 9.  Troubleshooting




Other Pages

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