CDI Monthly Meeting - 20170614

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Agenda (in Eastern time)

11:00a Scientist's Challenge: Social media, Breakfast with Bill, and a multi-beam community

11:10a Welcome - Tim Quinn - Office of Enterprise Information Chief [PDF]

Tim Quinn: Internet of Things presentation at Amazon Cloud Workshop - Presenter took USGS ideas and applied them to Indonesia and their problems with monsoon and high water issues inundating the city. Took earthquake early warning people have done. Sensor based system. Implemented it via Amazon Cloud. Harvesting tweets that we use for earthquakes except harvesting them for flooding. Got ideas from USGS but implemented them in the Cloud.

11:15a Working Group Announcements [PDF]

Additional Announcements


Model archiving discussion


Earth-Science Themes Working Group

11:25a  2017 CDI Workshop Debrief - Charting a Course toward Integrated Science - Leslie Hsu, USGS

Presentation [.pdf]

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The Community for Data Integration held an in-person meeting from May 16-19, 2017 with the theme of “Enabling Integrated Science.” During the meeting, many presentations and discussions were focused on the activity of building a roadmap to integrated science, that is, assessing the current state, gaps, and steps that could be taken to increasing our ability to answer societal needs with cross-Mission Area data, methods, and knowledge. The results of those discussions will be passed on to USGS Leadership and also used to guide CDI activities in the coming year. We’d like to get as broad input as we can from the community, but because not everyone was able to attend the workshop, we’ll review the outcomes of these discussions for further input at the June CDI Monthly Meeting.

Over 175 participants attended presentations, member-run topical breakouts, the DataBlast demo and poster session, and discussions about steps the USGS can take to advance integrated science in the Bureau. Keynote speakers included Bill Werkheiser, Acting Director of the USGS, Kevin Gallagher, Associate Director of Core Science Systems, Tim Quinn, Chief of the Office of Enterprise Information, Marty Goldhaber, USGS Senior Scientist, and Bruce Caron, community architect at Earth Science Information Partners.

See the workshop webpage for more information.

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12:30p  Adjourn

Presentation Q/A

Slido Questions and Polls [xlsx]

Viv: A couple questions on slido about exceeding the capacity of SB (large datasets). We are working on that as the SB team. We are partnering with ARC about thinking about how to get data produced on Yeti released. Also, partnering with EROS to see if we can use some of their servers for larger datasets. Has anyone used any creative solutions to bridge our current gap?

Stephanie Galvan: CDI Funded Data At Risk project has a featured story on Bathythermographs:

 Marcia: It's a really interesting story!



WebEx Participant Report [.csv]

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DateJune 14, 2017
Presentation Title(s)2017 CDI Workshop Debrief - Charting a Course toward Integrated Science
Leslie Hsu, USGS