This focus group is no longer active, it was active in ~2014. See the DMWG Focus Groups page to access current and past Data Management Focus groups. 

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As more and more people leave the Survey, knowledge about their research, day-to-day activities, and information they have created and collected is either walking out the door with them or is left behind in someone’s office. Often these boxes that are left behind have simple labels on them such as “disks” or “office” and are eventually moved to storage rooms – or the garbage – without any idea of what information was contained in the boxes. How can we make this situation better?

At the 2011 CDI face-to-face meeting, the idea of an exit survey was introduced as a way to collect information from employees about their data and information before they leave.  The intent is to have some sort of form that can be filled out which will note where data and information is located, how to access the data, etc.  The hope is that even if boxes are still left behind, or data from a previous employee is needed, that these forms will give us a way to find and use that information.  In 2014, a Exit Survey Working Group (ESWG) was created to help with this problem.

Currently, two complimentary exit surveys are being developed.

As these exit surveys are already needed, the ESWG will develop a draft version of the second survey that will be shared with the DMWG and other interested parties.  The hope is that by using this exit survey, we are ensuring that the data and information left behind has some identifying information and metadata so that it can be discovered and reused.

Exit Survey WG Members and Bios

Meeting Notes

Exit Survey Document (The Actual Form!)

The first version of the exit survey is available as a Google Document but has now been replaced by a newer version in a Word Doc.  Please contact Heather Henkel ( for the form.

Additional Documents

A page has been created with links to documents that might be of use to the ESWG.

Google Doc of potential topics has been started so that we can all edit the list. We'll revisit and add to it during our calls. (If you can't access the Google Doc, please email Heather Henkel (