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Recording and Presentation:

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Some members had proposed discussing various bioinformatics platforms of interest, so we thought we'd start with an overview of the 'lay of the land' and how the different options compare in terms of performance, learning curve, operating system, and such. Major categories, in addition to your own workstation, include
1) command-line terminal on a remote server (Yeti or any other server you have permission to access),
2) full-featured shared license genomics software (CLC Genomics installed on Yeti),
3) Alces Flight via Amazon cloud  
4) web-portals for relatively structured GUI workflows (Galaxy, CyVerse),
5) virtual machines, and
6) containers such as Docker.
We've already heard a bit about Yeti and Alces Flight, so we'll focus on the other options and have a review of how to access the CLC Genomics server license remotely.
Scott Cornman and Janice Gordon