You are no longer connected to an active OME session. 

  1. Has your OME account been left open overnight, or for a very long stretch of time, with no activity? Your logged in session may be timed out, even if OME is still open in your browser. If you leave your OME session open and unattended for any extended period of time, you should always click on one of the 'purple' action buttons when you return to your metadata entry to confirm that your OME session is still active. Do this before you resume any metadata entry, so that you ensure that any subsequent metadata you enter is actually entered in a 'live' session. If you don't see a system response to a Quick Save, or Save and Close, this is a clear indication that your OME session timed out. To resume your work, you'll need to go back to the OME login page and log back in with your Active Directory credentials.

  2. Did you move your machine from one type of Internet connection to another? For example, were you on a wired connection, and then moved your machine to a location connected over WiFi? Did you move your machine between two different WiFi connections during an open OME session? Your OME session will disconnect if you move between network connections (even different WiFi connections). If you move your laptop while logged in to the OME, you will need to re-authenticate on the OME login page and begin a new session