At the Alaska Science Center we hold monthly (almost) informal seminars on introductory GIS and data science topics with the goal of helping researchers become more comfortable with some of the tools available to them. We will try to make these available as on-line meetings to those outside of the center.

The topics we have covered so far:

4/20/17: Mobile Devices and Apps (notes)

5/18/17: Preparing map figures (notes)

6/19/17: Becci Anderson: NHD and Hydrography mapping

7/20/17: GIS Vector formats (notes)

9/22/17: Raster formats (notes)

10/19/17: Gary Sherman on QGIS

11/16/17: Tony Fischbach: Scripted Geoprocessing in R and git work flows for scripts (notes)

12/18/17: Emily Baker: Hands-on workshop: collaborating with git on (notes)

1/18/1: Evan Thoms: Show and tell: A simple AGOL web app with editable layers 

6/20/18:  Evan Thoms: A workflow and geoprocessing tool for automating GIS metadata (recording)

Coming up:

7/10/18: TBA

Contact Evan Thoms for more information

(907) 786-7409