Here's another installment of all the topics being explored in the CDI Collaboration Areas. I'll get up to date yet!

11/2/17 Software Development Cluster - How do we use version control?

The Software Development group discussed how people use github or other version control, for example, regarding release schedules and when in the dev cycle do releases begin? Eric Martinez led this conversation with a presentation on how the GHSC (Geologic Hazards Science Center) is using gitlab. Slides available to Dept. of Interior users.

Examples of using GitLab

11/6/17 Metadata Reviewers - learning about different type of specialized metadata - the Biological Data Profile

The Metadata Reviewers group had earlier decided to learn together about different types of specialized metadata. Pai and Erika shared examples of using the Biological Data Profile for data from Sea Otter Surveys. (See Western Ecological Research Center Approved Data Releases) Read more.

Where to go to find Sea Otters... Figure from a publication supported by Sea Otter Survey Data that is documented with the Biological Data Profile.

11/7/17 DevOps - USGS Git Hosting News, Content Delivery Networks

The DevOps meetings continue to bring us explanations of new and evolving capabilities available to groups in the USGS, as well as opportunities for me to learn new acronyms.

Access more information at the DevOps wiki page.

11/9/17 Semantic Web Working Group

This is the place you can go to learn about user stories for a USGS triple store, picking a system of persistent identifiers for linked data components, and choosing between 303 URIs and hash URIs. We are all learning together!

11/9 Tech Stack Working Group

"Jupyter Widgets": Jason Grout, Bloomberg. (aka ipywidgets) enables building interactive GUIs for Python code using standard form controls (sliders, dropdowns, textboxes, etc.), as well providing a framework for building complex interactive controls such as interactive 2d graphs, 3d graphics, maps, and more.

See the recording.

11/13 Data Management Working Group

The focus was the Data Management Theme: Plan, and the group welcomed speakers on three topics:

See the slides at the DMWG meeting page.

11/29 Open Source Coffee Talks

Estimating Software Development Tasks. Discussion: "What approach has worked to best determine when a (software development) task will be completed on time, within scope, and within budget? Single point estimating? Three Point Estimating? Story Point Estimating? 50%-90% Estimating? Padding your initial thought by a factor of 2,4,8 estimating?" The group discussed these options and also created a new #projectmanagement slack channel on USGS slack. (If you do not have a Slack account, email Paul Moreland ( and he will get you set up.)

Learn more about the group at their wiki page.

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