Dear all,

Bobbi Pierson, who gave a presentation to the CDI Bioinformatics Community of Practice in October 2017, has compiled a wealth of resources for those who are authoring genetics metadata.

We would like to share her outputs here for your use and feedback.

(These links are internal Google Drive links available to Dept. of Interior only, but if you get in contact with me at I can allow access.)

The main document is the Genetics Guide to Data Release and Associated Data Dictionary

But there are other resources you may find useful:

Google Folder: Genetics_Metadata_Working_Group


Informative Data Authoring Files

Metadata Authoring Resources

Metadata Examples Templates

WebEx slides, previous meetings

If you have questions or comments, you can comment directly in the google doc or contact Bobbi Pierson, Alaska Science Center Geneticist,

Please help spread word of this resource that could help many accomplish their required metadata!