Weeds Across Borders, now called the North American Invasive Species Forum, is a biennial trilateral meeting initiated by former members of FICMNEW in 2002, along with our neighbors in Canada and Mexico, to create a forum for sharing information about the management of invasive plants.

Not all of the proceedings from these meetings are available online, but we have accumulated several.

2002 Tucson, Arizona, USA (print version only; available commercially online from AbeBooks. Also, Google Books link.)

2004 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

2006 Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico (partial document only)

2008 Banff, Alberta, Canada (5.8MB)

2010 Shepherdstown, West Virginia, USA 

2012 Cancun, Mexico (Proceedings 10MB - Final Report 0.5MB)

2014 Ottawa, Canada (Recommendations - Agenda)

2017 North American Invasive Species Forum (all taxa) Savannah, Georgia, USA (agenda with links to presentations)