The WRRI (Water Resources Research Institutes) Version of the Integrated Proposal and Evaluation Tracking Tool (IPETT) is designed by USGS to support the organization, reviewing and collection of deliverables for the scientific community. Our focus is to provide flexible workflows that facilitate the grant collection, review and approval process.

Integrated Proposal and Evaluation Tracking Tool (IPETT)

The WRRI (Water Resources Research Institutes) Version has 4 different configurations: Annual Base Grant, National Competitive Grant, Student, and Coordination Grant. There are 4 roles associated with WRRI: Institute, Reviewer, Manager, and Admin.

Registering for IPETT and password reset

Super Admin role in WRRI

Manager Role in WRRI

Institute Role in WRRI for all 4 grant types

Reviewer role in WRRI

Annual Base Grant

Coordination Grant

National Competitive


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