Based on Feedback from the USGS GIS Community of practice, CDI and EGIS have arranged a webinar hosted by USGS EGIS and Esri on ArcGIS Python API

When: Thursday June 21, at 3:00 Eastern/12:00 Pacific (60-90 Minutes)

Where: Denver Federal Center and online at the Building 25 Lecture Hall (on your right after passing the security guard) (,  US: +1 669 900 6833  or +1 408 740 3766 or +1 646 876 9923, Meeting ID: 160 978 222. Please log on to the web session first and then follow the instructions to link to your participant ID if you are using the phone for audio - this will allow more participants to connect). If you are in the Denver area we would encourage you to attend in person at the Federal Center Building 25 Lecture Hall.

Who: Demo by Esri Solution Engineer James Sill and Federal Account Manager Stephen Zahniser; Organized by USGS EGIS/CDI

Slido information: Ask and upvote questions at, Event code #5797

Recording: 20180621-ArcGIS-Pro-Part 2.mp4

Questions and Attendance:

In an effort to answer as many questions as efficiently as possible, we would like to collect questions ahead of time and provide those to Esri. If you have a question and/or plan on attending in person please fill out this short Google Form by June 15. The webinar will be recorded and posted after the presentation.


I. ArcGIS Python API Overview

               - Arcpy vs ArcGIS Python API

               -- Class structure

               - Installation and Anaconda framework

               - Authentication              

II. Implementation

               - Integration with ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Enterprise

               - Analysis workflows in Jupyter Notebooks

               - Leveraging Enterprise GIS via the Python API and Jupyter (Raster Analytics, GeoAnalytics)

               - Publishing to AGOL and ArcGIS Enterprise

               - Integration with Machine Learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, SciKit-Learn              

III.  Standalone use for Automation

               - Automation of AGOL and ArcGIS Enterprise System Admin tasks

               - Debugging              

IV. Release Cycle

               - Road Map

               - Jupyter Notebooks Server

If you have any questions please contact (Shane Wright,