FY18 Awarded Projects

TitlePI NameOrganization

An Interactive Web-Based Tool for Anticipating Long-term Drought Risk

Bradford, J.Colorado Plateau Field Station, SBSC
Content specifications to enable USGS transition to ISO metadata standardWalworth, D.Alaska Science Center
ICE! Ice Jam Hazard Mobile-Enabled WebsiteChase, K.Wyoming-Montana Water Science Center
Integrating Disparate Spatial Datasets from Local to National Scale for Open-Access Web-Based Visualization and Analysis: A Case Study Compiling U.S. Landslide Inventories

Mirus, B.

USGS Geologic Hazards Science Center
Knowledge Extraction Algorithms (KEA): Turning Literature Into DataNeilson, M.Wetland and Aquatic Research Center
Mapping land-use, hazard vulnerability and habitat suitability using deep neural networksWarrick, J.Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center
National Alert Risk Mapper for Nonindigenous Aquatic SpeciesFuller, P.Southeast Ecological Science Center
Workflows to support integrated predictive science capacity: Forecasting invasive species for natural resource planning and risk assessmentWeltzin, J.National Phenology Network

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