The new version of RIVeR is available to download.
Here you can find a list of awesome features that have been added and/or fixed:

- 3D Rectification
- Single length scaling (for video recorded from UAS)
- New Discharge module with Areacomp2
- New HTML based summary
- Spaces allowed in path to video
- Time step automatically imported from extraction file

- Zoom in and Zoom out buttons
- Bugs fixes

Don't forget to cite RIVeR if you use it : 

You can now also play around with  RIVeR-STIV that will allow you to do Space Time Image Velocimetry. The STIV analysis (and specially the texture orientation) is based on the work presented in Fujita et al., (2007)
Fujita, I., Watanabe, H., Tsubaki, R., 2007. Development of a non-intrusive and efficient flow monitoring technique: The space‐time image velocimetry (STIV). Int. J. River Basin Manag. 5, 105-114. doi:10.1080/15715124.2007.9635310