Hello! The 2022 CDI Proposal information is hosted on Sharepoint. Visit the 2022 Proposals SharePoint Site. (Request access if needed (if you are external to the Department of the Interior.)

The CDI has provided funding support for many products and activities. Through the annual CDI proposal process, funds have been awarded for projects focusing on data integration for interdisciplinary research, innovative data management, and potentially cutting edge technology. The CDI supports new and ongoing projects that promote data integration.

In addition, the CDI Guiding Principles summarize the characteristics that the community is looking for:


Any USGS Mission Area, Program, Center, Office or duty station and their partner(s) are encouraged to apply. However, all proposals must have a USGS employee as a principal investigator.

Past funded project descriptions and outputs can be found on project pages and in our reports. 

FY2017 CDI Funded Project Report

FY2018 CDI Funded Project Report

View the following pages to learn about specific requirements for this year and past years.