In November, we heard more about the CDI Request for Proposals and commenting and voting in this year’s process. The proposals process is one of the major ways that we are able to share our ideas and comments as a community of practice. We are using new tools this year, and so far the commenting on our wiki and the voting through SimplyVoting seems to be working. All CDI members should have received a ballot on November 30 and the deadline to vote is Friday, December 14 at midnight!

USGS Director Reilly dropped by to talk about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and opportunities for the USGS to capitalize on these techniques. JC Nelson and Pete Doucette will be leading a new CDI Collaboration Area in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and they are having their first meeting on December 11, more details are on the group’s wiki page.

3DEP Lidar Products and Elevation Services

Rob Dollison from the National Geospatial Program presented on “The new 3D Elevation Program Lidar Products and Elevation Services from the National Map.” The National Map has a new web presence, map service notifications, and several viewers to browse the data, including the National Map Viewer, Elevation Viewer, and a Lidar explorer. They are moving to a system where you don’t need to download large volumes to your local drives, instead, basic visualization, analysis, and extraction functions are available through services on an open platform.

ESIP Lab Opportunities

Annie Burgess from ESIP spoke about ESIP Lab Opportunities - funding from the Earth Science Information Partners and ways that CDI members could participate. Their community and goals are very similar to the CDI, but within a larger context of other agencies and institutions. The latest ESIP Lab round closes on December 18. Check out previous projects and outputs on their webpage.

ESIP Lab - facilitating pathways for 'data people' to engagement with critical developer communities.

We're taking a break from monthly meetings in December and will see you on January 9, 2019!

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