Community Conference Call - September 14, 2011

This is an open meeting; all are welcome.
Time:  11:00a to 12:25p ET
Reston attendees:  2A-405 (Laptop must be furnished)
Denver attendees:  Bldg 810, Rm 9202 (CSI Conference Room)
Audio:  703-648-4848; enter 47919# (Toll Free for non-DOI phones:  1-855-547-8255; enter 47919#)

Agenda (Eastern Time)



Abby Benson, Bob Matthias, Brian Reece, Cassandra Ladino, Cheryl Morris, Dave Govoni, Dave Greenlee, Elizabeth Martin, Elizabeth Sellers, Emily Fort, Farial Shahnaz, Fran Lightsom, Jen Martin, Jennifer Carlino, Kevin Gallagher, Mark Wimer, Megan Hines, Mike Mulligan, Phil Redman, Ray Obuch, Rick Brown, Roland Viger, Scott McEwen, Si Peterson, Terry D’Erchia, Tim Kern, Tim Mancuso, and Tom Shoberg.


WebEx Recording

CDI Workshop Retrospect

Kevin Gallagher described top activities at HQ this week:

Kevin shared a result from the CDI Workshop, that steps are being taken to have CDI join the Earth Science Information Partnership (ESIP).

Kevin’s CDI-Sponsored Training/Demo and CDI Workshop highlights include:

Cheryl Morris added that the effort, enthusiasm, and accomplishments were outstanding.

Kevin and Linda plans to brief the Science ADs on CDI accomplishments and demonstrated value.

Liz Sellers emphasized the importance of meeting together.

CDI Monthly Scientist Challenge

Kevin posed the question, “How do we get more scientists involved?”  His recommendation is to invite a scientist to our monthly CDI meeting to give the CDI a challenge.  CDI can then organize to address that challenge.  Example:  Jerad Bales has expressed a need to “house” ecosystem data collected.  Discussion:

CDI Proposal Funding Process

Kevin asked the CDI to address two actions:

Kevin described the funding process possibilities:


Citizen Science Working Group

Megan Hines provided a nice summary of this newly formed Group.  Dave Govoni added other thoughts.

Data Themes Working Group

Roland Viger shared about this forming Group.

Tech Stack Working Group

Roland provided a summary of the many activities of this Group.