Community for Data Integration, Data Management Working Group, USGS Data Management Meeting Subteam

The USGS Data Management Meeting Subteam was formed in early 2011 to plan a regularly occuring USGS Data Management Meeting. This group is currently on hold until a team lead can be found.




Membership is open to anyone.  If you are interested in joining this subteam, please contact John Faundeen (

Lotus group:  GS CDI Data Management Meeting Subteam

  1. Temp Lead - Vacant (looking for a leader)
  2. Brian Buczkowski
  3. Tom Burley
  4. Jennifer Carlino
  5. Joshua Dein
  6. John Faundeen
  7. Dorrie Gellenbeck
  8. Heather Henkel
  9. Sally Holl
  10. Richard Huffine
  11. Viv Hutchison
  12. Joseph Kalfsbeek
  13. Tim Kern
  14. Tim Mancuso
  15. Scott McEwen
  16. Curtis Price
  17. Carol Reiss
  18. Daniel Sandhaus
  19. Steve Tessler
  20. Jessica Thompson