As previewed at the February 2020 Monthly Meeting, we will embark on a few different learning journeys in the spring, and we hope you will join us.

Why join: If you want to spend time learning about these topics, but think that if you don't tell anyone you're going to do it, it won't happen.

How it Works

This round of group learning will take place from March - May 2020:

  1. Set a goal: Gain knowledge in three topical areas by completing simple, time-bounded tasks (see below)
  2. Gather a group: Sign up here if you're interested in any of the topics below
  3. Make a deadline: I will target about one topic per week and share my progress.
  4. Share your progress: if you sign up, you will get reminders of the resource links and updates and summary thoughts when I complete the task, and will be invited to share your own thoughts upon completing the task.

Topics and Goals

Usability Resource Reviews

The CDI's new Usability Collaboration Area is churning out tons of info in both live/recorded presentation mode and "resource reviews," crafted and posted by Sophie Hou. Goal: read the resource reviews on three usability concepts posted in January and apply them to my own projects.

Do you have a site or project that could benefit from integrating usability in design, including usability principles efficiently, or fostering a user centered approach? The Join me!

NetCDF - Why and How

People talk about NetCDF format often, and how it has great documentation, and interoperability. Will I ever be asked to review a NetCDF file, or expected to open one? I need to find out more, and I think this well-rated (1500 views and 34 thumbs ups) 75-minute YouTube video will help. Watch with me.

Level Up! Your coding skills: Unit Testing

I always nod my head when someone more knowledgeable about programming says that unit testing is necessary. I nod my head when they say it is an important element to consider in software reviews. But... What is unit testing? How do I do it? I hope to find out on March 17. You too?

Microsoft Power Automate and Power Apps

If you are in the Department of the Interior and just got migrated over to Microsoft Office tools, there are apps that are supposed to make our lives easier by automating tasks. Power Automate and Power Apps are two tools that I think I need to know more about, but haven't identified specific learning resources yet. But if you are intrigued by the potential of saving time and energy with these tools, please sign up to join me


After a bit too much searching, I have settled on the following page for learning about Power Automate:
It is 1 hr and 8 min which is probably over my attention span, but I will try to get it done over the next two weeks and report back if it is useful. I think this may be useful for the CDI proposal submission process and other repetitive CDI actions. At this point I am a bit beat down on learning new things, haha, but I'll give it a shot. Please join me. Comments welcome here.