RFP (Request for Proposals) Setup

Once you are logged in to IPETT the house icon in the navigation bar will take you back to the main landing page where you will have access to RFP list, New RFP, Proposal List, New Proposal, Deliverables, Criteria, States, Institutes, all Contacts, Principal Investigators and Reviewers.

Criteria, Institutions, all Contacts, Principal Investigators and Reviewers should all be added in detail before starting an RFP or proposal. All of these areas are drop down selections within the setup RFP and Proposal forms. You find them under the Manage section of the landing page https://www.sciencebase.usgs.gov/ipett/.

Adding a New Contact, PI and Reviewer

Note: All fields that are required are indicated by *.

You can add and edit PI’s, reviewers and Contacts through all Contacts.

On the home page under Manage

Once Contacts or Reviewers have been added to the Contacts list go to the home page and select "Manage roles and user accounts at the myUSGS IPETT Community." This will take you to the Sciencebase Directory. 

Role Access

Adding a New Institution

On the home page under Manage

Note: All fields that are required are indicated by *.

Reviewers List

On the home page under Manage

Note: You can only view Reviewers List. To add reviewers, add through all Contacts.

Viewing and Editing an Existing Contact

Viewing and Editing Universities

Adding a New Criteria

On the home page under Manage

Note: All fields that are required are indicated by *.

Creating an RFP (Request for Proposals)

Editing an RFP

WARNING: This will delete all Proposals/Projects associated with this RFP! 

To Edit the RFP

To Make Changes

RFP Stages

Note: The stages are in sequential order. Each stage must have the previous stage completed to move on. Access though RFP list and specific RFP you are moving.

1 - Setup - setup in progress.

2 - Proposal Submissions - At this stage you are able to submit proposals.

To start Proposal submissions:

3 - Submissions Verification – All proposals need to be registered or canceled.

To start Submissions Verification:

4 - Individual Review - All submissions are verified.

To start Individual Review:

5 - Review Verification – All individual reviews are complete.

To start Review Verification:

6 - Group Review - All proposals are registered and individual reviews are completed and verified.

To start Group Review:

To see the Group Review Show page:

7 - Admin Review - Final admin review.

To start Admin Review:

8 - Projects Live - All projects on-going.

To move to Projects Live:

9 - Closed ■ - All projects are closed or completed.

To move to Closed:

10 - Cancelled ■ – Entering this will cancel all proposals associated with the RFP.

To cancel:

Editing a Proposal

Adding Expected Deliverables to a Proposal

Note: All fields that are required are indicated by *.

Adding Deliverables to a Proposal

Deliverable Review

Proposal Stages

Note: Access though Proposal list and specific Proposal you are moving.