*Projects occurring in multiple years

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Processing a new generation of hyperspectral data on the Cloud using Pangeo - Aneece, Itiya

From reactive- to condition-based maintenance: Anomaly predictions and automated review for USGS time-series data - Cashman, Matthew

Making USGS/NOAA Total Water Level and Coastal Change Forecast data accessible through user-friendly interfaces - Doran, Kara

Modernizing sensor data workflows to leverage Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based technologies - Gushue, Thomas

Landsat-derived fire history metrics to provide critical information for prioritizing prescribed fire across the Southeast - Hawbaker, Todd

GIS Clipping and Summarization Tool for Points, Lines, Polygons, and Rasters - Kemp, Sue

Delivering the North American tree-ring fire history network through a web application and an R package - Margolis, Ellis

Improving forest structure mapping andregeneration prediction with multi-scale lidar observations - Peterson, Birgit

Diverse data to improve Southwest fire forecasts: Joining novel remote sensing, post-fire dynamics, and intra-annual precipitation patterns - Reed, Sasha

Advancing Post-Fire Debris Flow Hazard Science with a Field Deployable Mapping Tool - Rengers, Francis

Development of a web-based tool for coastal water resources management - Root, Tara

The Wildfire Trends Tool: a data visualization and analysis tool to facilitate land management needs and scientific inquiry - Shinneman, Douglas

Coast Train: Massive Library of Labeled Coastal Images to Train Machine Learning for Coastal Hazards and Resources - Wernette, Phillipe


Building a framework to compute continuous grids of basin characteristics for the conterminous United States – Barnhart, Theodore 

So you want to build a decision support tool? Assessing successes, pitfalls, and lessons learned for tool design and development – Cravens, Amanda 

Using Jupyter Notebooks to tell data stories and create reproducible workflows – Erickson, Richard 

USGS Cloud Environment Cookbook – Fox, Aaron 

Enabling AI for citizen science in fish ecology – Hitt, Nathaniel 

Implementing FAIR practices: Storing and displaying eDNA data in the USGS Nonindigenous Aquatic Species database – Hunter, Margaret 

 Developing a "fire-aware" stream gage network by integrating USGS enterprise databases – Kolb, Katharine 

Waterbody Rapid Assessment Tool (WaterRAT): 3-dimensional Visualization of High-Resolution Spatial Data – Medenblik, Andrea 

Development of a Flexible Multi-Channel Spatiotemporal Geophysical HDF5 Data Format Supporting FAIR – Peacock, Jared 

Real-time Coastal Salinity Index for monitoring coastal drought and ecological response to changing salinity values  – Petkewich, Matthew 

GrassCast: A multi-agency tool using remote sensing, modeling, and on-the-ground science to forecast grassland productivity in the Southwest – Reed, Sasha 

Moving towards EarthMAP: Establishing linkages among USGS land use, water use, runoff, and recharge models – Sohl, Terry 

Using machine learning to map topographic-soil & densely-patterned sub-surface agricultural drainage (tile drains) from satellite imagery – Williamson, Tanja 

FY 2019 

Open-source and open-workflow Climate Scenarios Toolbox for adaptation planning – Bamzai, Aparna 

Extending ScienceBase for Disaster Risk Reduction – Bard, Joe 

Transforming Biosurveillance by Standardizing and Serving 40 Years of Wildlife Disease Data – Blehert, David 

Integrating short-term climate forecasts into a restoration management support tool – Bradford, John 

National Public Screening Tool for Invasive and Non-native Aquatic Species Data – Daniel, Wesley 

High-Resolution, Interagency Biosurveillance of Threatened Surface Waters in the United States – Eldridge, Sara 

Develop Cloud Computing Capability at Streamgages using Amazon Web Services GreenGrass IoT Framework for Camera Image Velocity Gaging – Engel, Frank 

Serving the U.S. Geological Survey’s geochronological data – Gilmer, Amy 

Establishing standards and integrating environmental DNA (eDNA) data into the USGS Nonindigenous Aquatic Species database – Hunter, Margaret 

Subsidence Susceptibility Map for the Conterminous U.S. – Jones, Jeanne 

A generic web application to visualize and understand movements of tagged animals – Letcher, Ben 

Building a Roadmap for Making Data FAIR in the U.S. Geological Survey – Lightsom, Fran 

Coupling Hydrologic Models with Data Services in an Interoperable Modeling Framework – McDonald, Richard 

Implementing a Grassland Productivity Forecast Tool for the U.S. Southwest – Reed, Sasha 

FY 2018 

An Interactive Web-based Tool for Anticipating Long-term Drought Risk – Bradford, John 

ICE! Ice Jam Hazard Mobile-Enabled Website – Chase, Katherine 

National Alert Risk Mapper for Nonindigenous Aquatic Species – Fuller, Pam 

Integrating Disparate Spatial Datasets from Local to National Scale for Web-Based Visualization and Analysis: A Case Study Compiling U.S. Landslide Inventories – Mirus, Ben 

Knowledge Extraction Algorithms (KEA): Turning Literature Into Data – Neilson, Matthew 

Investigation of lidar data processing and analysis in the cloud  Walker, Jessica 

Content specifications to enable USGS transition to ISO metadata standard – Walworth, Dennis 

Mapping land-use, hazard vulnerability and habitat suitability using deep neural networks – Warrick, Jonathan 

Workflows to support integrated predictive science capacity: Forecasting invasive species for natural resource planning and risk assessment – Weltzin, Jake 

FY 2017 

An Interactive Web-based Application for Earthquake-triggered Ground Failure Inventories – Allstadt, Kate 

Automating the use of citizen scientists biodiversity surveys in iNaturalist to facilitate early detection of species responses to climate change – Boydston, Erin 

Flocks of a feather dock together: Using Docker and HTCondor to link high-throughput computing across the USGS – Erickson, Richard 

USGS Data at Risk: Expanding Legacy Data Inventory and Preservation Strategies – Everette, Anthony 

Exploring the USGS Science Data Life Cycle in the Cloud  Golden, Nadine 

Empowering decision-makers: A dynamic web interface for running Bayesian networks – Lentz, Erika 

Web Mapping Application for a Historical Geologic Field Photo Collection – Nagorsen, Sarah 

Visualizing community exposure and evacuation potential to tsunami hazards using an interactive Tableau dashboard – Peters, Jeff 

Developing APIs to support enterprise level monitoring using existing tools – Reichert, Brian 

Extending ScienceCache Mobile Application for Data Collection to Accommodate Broader Use within USGS – Wiltermuth, Mark 

Evaluation and testing of standardized forest vegetation metrics derived from lidar data – Young, John 

FY 2016 

Developing a USGS Legacy Data Inventory to Preserve and Release Historical USGS Data – Faundeen, John 

Crowd-Sourced Earthquake Detections Integrated into Seismic Processing – Guy, Michelle 

Integration of Phenological Forecast Maps for Assessment of Biodiversity: An Enterprise Workflow – Weltzin, Jake 

Evaluating a new opensource, standardsbased framework for web portal development in the geosciences – Signell, Rich 

Hunting Invasive Species with HTCondor: High Throughput Computing for Big Data and Next Generation Sequencing – McCalla, S. Grace 

Development of Recommended Practices and Workflow for Publishing Digital Data through ScienceBase for Dynamic Visualization – Chase, Katharine 

Facilitating the USGS Scientific Data Management Foundation by integrating the process into current scientific workflow systems – Talbert, Colin 

A data management and visualization framework for community vulnerability to hazards – Jones, Jeanne 

Data Management Training Clearinghouse – Nelson, John 

National Stream Summarization: Standardizing Stream-Landscape Summaries – Wieferich, Daniel 

Integration of National Soil and Wetland Datasets: A Toolkit for Reproducible Calculation and Quality Assessment of Imputed Wetland Soil Properties – Sundquist, Eric 

A web-based application for the management and visualization of land-use scenario data – Sherba, Jason 

Birds and the Bakken: Integration of oil well, land cover, and species distribution data to inform conservation in areas of energy development – Preston, Todd 

FY 2015 

Integration of Land Cover Trends Field Photography with an Online Map Service – Soulard, Christopher 

National Dam Removal Database: A living database for information on dying dams – Duda, Jeff 

Making Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Data Available to USGS Scientists and the Public – Lacey, Jennifer 

sbtools: an R package for ScienceBase – Winslow, Luke 

Standards-based Integration and Delivery of USGS and EPA STORET Biomonitoring Data via the Water Quality Data Portal – Ruhl, Peter 

Web-enabled Visualization and Access of Value-added Disaster Products – Lamb, Rynn 

Geocaching Natural Features – Applying Game Mechanics to Citizen Science Data Collection – Graves, Tabitha 

The 'Digital Grain Size' Web and Mobile-Computing Application – Buscombe, Daniel 

*Use of controlled vocabularies in USGS information applications: Requirements analysis for automated processes and services – Lightsom, Fran 

*Portable ISO 19115/19110 Open Source Developer's Toolkit – Smith, Stan 

*Geographic Searches for USGS Publications – Wesenberg, Kathy

FY 2014 

Characterization of Earthquake Damage and Effects Using Social Media Data – Guy, Michelle 

Online Merging and Gridding of Topographic and Bathymetric Data Sources – Long, Joseph 

NAS Web API: Web Services access to the Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Database – Fuller, Pam 

Summarization of National NEXRAD Data for use in Biological Applications – Diehl, Robert 

North American Bat Data Integration – Ellison, Laura 

Adopt a Pixel - Data Infrastructure – Longhenry, Ryan 

Use of controlled vocabularies in USGS information applications: Requirements analysis for automated processes and services – Lightsom, Fran 

Portable ISO 19115/19110 Open Source Developer's Toolkit – Smith, Stan 

Geographic Searches for USGS Publications – Sanders, Rex 

FY 2013 

Metadata Wizard – Ignizio, Drew 

myScience: Citizen Science – Holl, Sally 

Establishing the Land Use Land Cover Geo Data Portal and Supporting Data Services – Blodgett, Dave 

Networking the California Climate Commons with the USGS Geo Data Portal – Flint, Lorraine 

National Land Cover Database Visualization and Information Tool – Homer, Collin 

*Data Management Workshops for USGS: Let the Culture Change Begin – Hutchison, Viv 

Mining the USGS Data Landscape – Everette, Lance 

Development of Enhanced Feature Recognition Software for the Extraction of Mine Features from USGS Topographic Maps – Fernette, Greg 

USGS Protocol Library: An Implementation Based on the National Environmental Methods Index  – Sullivan, Dan 

Evaluation of downscaled General Circulation Model (GCM) output for current conditions and associated error in simulated runoff for CONUS – Bock, Andy

FY 2012 

Accessing Geo Data Portal Functionality with Python Tools – Price, Curtis 

Citizen Science Observation Platform - Using Curated Twitter and GeoRSS Enabled Feeds – Masaki, Derek 

Combined ScienceBase and Geo Data Portal Tools – Smyrl, Laura 

*Data Management Plan Implementation and Framework – Burley, Tom 

*Data Management Training and Education  Henkel, Heather; Hutchison, Viv 

*Data Management Website – Henkel, HeatherHutchison, Viv 

Expand the National Map Save As/Open In to USGS Wide – Dollison, Rob 

Facilitating Knowledge Integration with a Monitoring Protocol Registry – Schei, Jacquelyn 

Implementing an OpenLayers HTML5 Mapping Library  Ladino, Cassandra 

Mobile application to collect national consistent data of fish passage barriers in the United States – Maltby, David 

*NWIS Web Services Snapshot for ArcGIS – Holl, Sally 

Semantic Technologies for Integrating USGS Data – Gordon, Janice 

USGS Citizen Science Workshop – Hines, Megan 

USGS Mobile Applications Development Support Framework – Schmid, Lorna 

FY 2011 

Data Management Education Products  Henkel, Heather; Hutchison, Viv 

Data Management Web Toolbox  Henkel, Heather; Hutchison, Viv 

Data Management Workshop  Hutchison, Viv 

Science Data Lifecycle Model  Faundeen, John 

NWIS Web Services Snapshot Tool for ArcGIS  Holl, Sally 

Enhanced Metadata Capability for CBI Metadata Tool - ScienceBase  Kern, Tim 

FGDC-ISO Remapping for CBI Metadata Tool - ScienceBase  Kern, Tim 

FY 2010 

Geo Data Portal – Blodgett, Dave 

Added to the National Map: Web Services for the National Hydrography Dataset, National Elevation Dataset and National Land Cover Dataset – Gunther, Greg 

NWIS Web Services Snapshot for ArcGIS – Pearson, Daniel 

Data Upload, Registry and Access Project (a capability of ScienceBase) – Bristol, Sky