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S-Plus and R


USGS holds a license for a version of the S-Plus statistical package, and the USGS internal distribution includes USGS-developed statistical and graphics tools.
TIBCO Spotfire S+ 8.1 for Windows with the USGS Library 4.0 Public Release
USGS support: GS-W Help SPLUS
USGS support archive:


R is an open-source statistical analysis system built to be functionally equivalent to S. It is gaining in popularity, and has a body of GUI's (such as RCommander) and interfaces available for it. Since R has a command-line interface, it is fairly easy to connect with other software, for example, ArcGIS.

Although the user community is very good at answering questions, but the volume of questions and answers may be overwhelming.




MATLAB is commonly used for data and compute-intensive scientific analysis.

Known USGS MATLAB users: Rich Signell, Ashley Van Beusekom